Frequently asked questions: Fairexpay Cross-border aggregator payments platform

What is Fairexpay cross-border payments aggregator Platform and what does it do?

We are an enabler of Business and Individual Cross border payments and a market place, we enable it from the Applications itself and work with clients to deploy the code and process for SAP customers.

Do we have to pay any upfront or regular fees for CROSS-BORDER TRANSACTIONS going thru Fairexpay Platform?

NO, we absolutely don’t charge any fees for any transactions for the platform, however, Our Money transfer Partners may charge some fees which are clearly mentioned before you initiate Cross border payment transactions

How long will it take to do Cross border payments to our Vendors/beneficiaries?

It depends, based on the Currency pairs, the countries the payments are made to, the correctness of the data sent and the number of payments, our partners clearly state the estimated delivery date.

How will we know the Status of our Cross border payment?

The status of each of the transfers is on partner websites, you can enter the deal id or the transaction id to know the latest status

Will we get refund if there are any issues with the Payments or Beneficiaries data?

Yes, the partner will inform you and will initiate refund if there are any issues, please note that the fees will not be refunded.

What is the maximum number of payments we can do per each Cross border payment?

Upto 10000 beneficiaries can be paid per each Cross border payment, some partners may insist on lower number of beneficiary payments for ease of transfer

Do you support transfer of every currency pair?

No, We only support the currency pairs our Partners can transfer payments for, please check the list of valid currency pairs to transfer on the partner websites.

Will Fairexpay recommend the Best rate partner?

Yes, Fairexpay will recommend the best rate partner, however, you can select and decide to go with any partner of your choice

Is Pre registration required for all Partners on your platform?

Yes, we require that all active partner registration(offline) is done prior to the start of the Cross border transactions, the partner representatives will reach out to you and upon registration, the account numbers/ids needs to be updated in Fairexpay platform.

How may users can be enrolled for each entity?

Fairexpay allows 3 users per account with 1 user as the admin user for each Account/entity, additional users licenses can be purchased

Is the Fairepay account valid for all countries in the world?

Yes, Fairexpay account can work for all active currency pairs and for all the countries our partners support, partners may need additional documentation for regional entities if money is transferred from those entities

Is the SAP application Objects cost included in the Cost of the Platform?

Yes, Fairexpay platform cost includes Portal, SAP components including standard deployment, any additional custom deployment requirements will incur additional consulting costs

Where is the Fairepay platform hosted?

Fairexpay platform is hosting in the cloud and is highly secure.

What is the typical Deployment timeline?

1-2 weeks, if all requirements are met and it is a standard deployment

Can we use just the Fairexpay portal and not the SAP application component ?

Yes, Absolutely, you can either just use the Portal or the combo of the Portal and the SAP application component, the pricing is different for each.

Do we have 24/7 support if something goes wrong?

Yes, we have 24/7 support coverage, please send email to support@fairexpay.com Our Standard package covers support for 1st 3 months after deployment, post that, support cost is $100 per month for 5 hours of support

Will we need to pay for the platform for additional subsidiaries we onboard with different applications?

Yes, Customers will pay onetime for each additional entity with different application.

What is the duration of the agreement/contract? Can we cancel the Agreement at any time?

Our Default Contract is yearly and is renewed and can be cancelled with a 30 day notice to support@fairexpay.com

Cancellation and Refund

Platform Fees- The Customer will pay the approved fees for the platform as per schedule and will be invoiced as per the regular monthly or quarterly schedule

Cancellation- The Customer have the right to cancel an online remittance order as soon as you confirm or send email to support@fairexpay.com after confirmation and before the money is withdrawn from the bank account. The Cancellation can also be done by calling the relevant partner.

Refund- The Customer can request for the Refund of the “Partner FEES” only if there is any delay in delivery of the amounts sent to Benefitiaries, the customer can also reach out by email to support@fairexpay.com in case of any delays on the refund.