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Join our global partner program and reap the benefits of partnering with FairexPay. We provide you with everything you need to grow your business and enable your customers from the ever-evolving Fx risks, exposures and complexities with respect to cross border payments, there by improving bottom lines.

Todays businesses are not just looking at stand alone software's, They need flexibilities, customizations, efficiencies, savings and scalability.Fairexpay is designed to offer

  • Secure and scalable global aggregator platform.
  • Industry Agnostic solutions.
  • We cover 200+ countries and 130+ currencies enabling our partners to reach global customers.
  • Our offerings address critical and growing business requirements.
  • Creates new revenue generation opportunities for partners.
  • On-going revenue streams come from hourly and annual subscription billing, cross-sell, and up-sell opportunities.

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