Student and Consultant

Planning to study abroad? Simplify your international payments.

As a student going to study abroad, the entire experience of moving to a new city is quite daunting especially when it comes to managing finances. Fairexpay helps you send and receive money anywhere in the world with ease. Save thousands while sending money for university fees, accommodation charges, living and other expenses.


3 to 7% Savings
No hidden charges


Complete Digital process
24/7 support

Safe and secure

Global payment network
World-class security

Education institutes and consultants are constantly engaged with students and Immigrant Applications worldwide. We at Fairexpay in synergy with such organisations thrive to improve money remittance experience for international students & Immigrants.

Enable students pay fees at your office. Maximize student engagement process by providing end to end servicess

Integrate with your existing web applications for processing payments. Upload documents digitally - maintain records of students and transactions

Receive and reconcile payments seamlessly from anyone round the globe


How it works